Voting Genre?
Season 4, Episode 24
First Aired (CAN) October 10, 2010
First Aired (USA) October 10, 2010
Challenge Losers vote remaining contestants at random for a reward or punishment
Reward(s) Pick ANYONE to go to the final 2 with them.
Winner(s) Harold
Eliminated Geoff
Episode Guide
"Crouching Harold, Hidden Al"
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Final 3


arts off showing the elimination table for Total Drama Reunion till the final 3! Next it shows Chris in a "Car" bringing the final 3 to a VERY special place. They go through all the past genre themed areas where Geoff and Harold are asking where there going and why its taking sooo long. Then they all remember good times at those places. Then he tells them "Like last season" the losers are going to vote. Then they enter the Aftermath! They get inside and Chris tells the losers that they will be blind voting and they wont know what thats for and Eva told him hes EVIL! He tells all the losers they have to step up on the platform and say who they chose to vote for, then step down. The first person up was Bridgette and she voted Harold, then Trent chose DJ, Beth chose Harold, Duncan didn't vote he doesnt think any of them deserve it! Izzy voted Geoff, Justin voted Geoff, Owen chose Geoff, Noah voted Geoff, Then Eva voted Harold, Sierra voted Harold, Cody voted DJ and so did Alejandro. Then Ezekiel gets on platform all diformed and nasty and told Chris hes been hiding in filmset and said he's ready to return. Chris tells him no and to vote! Ezekiel voted for Harold, then Ezekiel said he wasnt voted off fairly and that Chris... Chris yells SECURITY, then shows technical difficulty screen. After awhile it returns and shows the score board which is Geoff-4, Harold-5 and DJ-3. Then Heather comes up and choses Geoff, Lindsay voted Geoff, Darcy voted for Harold, Courtney votes Geoff, Sadie votes for Geoff also. Then LeShawna votes Harold, Tyler votes Harold Its a tie between Geoff and Harold at 8 points and Gwen choses the person that gets the surpirise or punishment. Gwen picks..............Harold!!!! Since Harold got most votes his thing is..... To chose ANYONE to go to the final 2 with him! (Harold didnt get the hint that he could chose ANYONE even a loser!>:]) Geoff says his speech why Harold should pick him the DJ. Harold takes a moment to think then he choses................................................................................................. DJ to go to the FINAL 2 with him!!!! Next it shows Chris and he says the next episode will have show the winner of Total Drama Reunion!!!!!
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The final 2!!