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Winner from Villains!!


Team Captain


First Appearence:

Welcome to Total Drama Reunion

Last Apperence:


First and Last Eliminated:

First: Beth (23)

Last: DJ (2)

Alliances (Known):

The Anti-Darcy Alliance, (Darcy, Lindsay and DJ) (Duncan, Bridgette and Gwen)



The Villains was the name of the Team In Total Drama Reunion which included all of the competitors which were classified under being a Villain. The first person voted off of the Villains was Beth for EVERY reasons! Team Villains contain Gwen, Duncan, Lindsay, Darcy, Harold, Beth, DJ, Heather, Bridgette, Ezekiel, Katie, Justin and Noah



Order Of Elimination15th: Beth (Welcome to Total Drama Reunion)Edit

14th:Katie (The Enemy Smackdown)

13th:Ezekiel (Public Frenemies)

12th:Justin and Noah (So You Think You Can Sing?)

(Darcy Joins the villains)

11th: Heather (Murder On The Grounds of Prediction)

10th: Gwen (Can Darcy Survive the Wilderness?)

9th:Darcy (Prison Madness = Prison ROMANCE?!)

8th:Bridgette (Disasterously Victorious....AGAIN?!)

(Gwen, Justin, & Harold return - Beth joins Villains)

7th:Beth (Fun in the Sun is too Glum!)

6rd:Justin (Raiders of the Lost Immunity)

5th:Lindsay (The Planet of no Return)

4rd: Gwen (Film Lot-ward bound)

3rd:Duncan( 3:10 to the Final 4)

2nd:DJ (Runner-Up)

1st:Harold (Winner)

Every Goodbye Video (Villains)Edit

thumb|300px|right|Goodbye Justinthumb|left|300px|Goodbye Lindsay!

thumb|300px|left|Goodbye Gwen