The third season of TDAfan4's camp was a mystery! The location and theme remained unknown until the competition started. It was revealed that the camp would be held at an abandoned film lot. TDAfan4 also revealed that there would be a Heroes Vs. Villains theme. Basing it off of the hit show "Survivor" and its season 20 "Heroes VS Villains"


Also a new twist to the season was, instead of videos for the challenge, the results, and another for the elimination....everything would be done over messaging and there would be FULL EPISODES!! Also a whole new character was added to the series, Darcy!! Who will win? Who will lose? Find out on the whole new season of Total...........Drama...........REUNION!!! Another twist in this game is that by the merge two alliances were formed, the Heroes Alliance & The Anti-Darcy Alliance. Who for the most part were made up of Heroes & Villains there were some crossing and some betrayal... but for the most part it was those to alliances through and through until the final 7, it was 2 members left of the Heroes Alliance and 5 members left of The Anti-Darcy Alliance, it turned out that the Final 2 are composed of DJ and Harold both in the The Anti-Darcy Alliance.


13. cameron

12. staci

11. b

10. sam

9. scott

8. lightning

7. Jo

6. dakota

5. dawn

4. anne maria

3. brick

2. leshawna lost

1. heather winner


Heroes:Team Captain,Trent, Geoff, Owen, LeShawna, Alejandro, Courtney, Eva, Izzy, Sierra, Tyler, Codyand Sadie

Villains:Team Captain,Gwen, DJ, Lindsay, Noah, Justin ,Beth, Jo, Darcy, heather, Katie, Ezekiel, Duncan,Bridgette and harold


Finale VideoEdit

thumb|300px|left|The winner is revieled!!