Season1 01

Fifteen Contestants battle it out for a Grand Prize of ONE MILLION DOLLARS! They compete in challenges based on movie Genres and every few nights, they must face the judgement of their fellow campers at the Guilded Chris Awards Ceremony! Where, every time, one (or more) people will be eliminated and lose their chance at the prize! One Winner! One person who gets voted out first! One dissapointed finalist! Who's who? Find out!

Elimination OrderEdit

15. DJ

14. Owen

13. Beth

12. Harold/Heather

11. Heather/Harold

Beth returns

11. Gwen

10. Leshawna

9. Lindsay

Merge DJ returns

9. Courtney

8. Izzy/Justin

7. Justin/Izzy

6. Beth

Justin returns

6. Geoff

5. DJ

4. Justin

3. Trent

2. Bridgette

1. Duncan


Screaming Gaffers

Killer Grips

thumb|300px|left|Finale for TDA!!