Ting TIng The Panda Is Alejandro's Pet In Total Drama Reunion. He stowed away on the Jumbo Jet and stayed there until the end of the season. Alejandro found him and got to keep him. TIng Ting had a girlfriend back in China and keeps in touch with her. They had babies! Three where given out but taken away by TDAFan4! Too much talk about pandas....

Ting Ting likes to make new friends. Sadly there are no panda's around the film lot. So instead Ting Ting made out with a rapid dog! Luckily Alejandro took car of the dog.

TIng Ting hopes to one day find another Panda to be friends with.

the people that got pandas were: izzy , beth , and lindsay

names of the panda

beths :lucky

izzy: tsing tsing

lindsay: beautey