This Is Anything But Fun!
Season 6, Episode 6
First Aired (CAN) November 30, 2010
First Aired (USA) November 30, 2010
Challenge Make your way across a freezing river
Reward(s) Immunity/ First Class
Winner(s) Team Amazon
Eliminated Cody
Episode Guide
"Theres Lots Not To Love About New York!
Aftermath: The First Four"
"A Newf Source of Drama"
This is the sixth episode of Total Drama World Tour II. The episode opens with Geoff and Darcy making out on a couch in first class. Owen celebrates by eating a lot of cookies, but Darcy yells at him for taking most of the food. Geoff and Duncan break up the small argument by saying that they should just enjoy their first time in first class. Meanwhile, Team Victory and Team Amazon 2 try to catch a little bit of sleep in loser class. As Scott stands up to stretch a little, a shadowy figure of Beth races right by him, startling him a little. The plane and all of the remaining players crash down into the snowy landscape of the Yukon. The players stand shivering in front of an icy river while Chris explains their challenge. Chris says that each player would have to make their way across the river by going across a path of ice floats. Darcy asks what the reward for winning the challenge would be, but Chris says that he never said the challenge was going to be a reward challenge. Chef blows his whistle and the players begin the race. Cody and Owen are the first players to fall in the water when a polar bear tips their ice float. As someone rescues Cody from the water, Izzy makes her way easily across the river. Trent also makes his way across the river and sees that Alejandro is frozen inside of an ice block. Geoff and DJ also fall into the water. Duncan makes his way across the river by using Owen as a paddle. The bell rings indicating that the players must sing a song. Everyone sings This is Way 2 much Fun. After the song is finished, the race also finishes. This time Team Amazon wins the challenge and a spot in first class. Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot came in second place and was also safe from elimination.Team Victorycam in last place and thus was going to face elimination. At elimination, Alejandro receives the first barf bag. Next, Trent and Cameron also receive barf bags. The last barf bag went to DJ. Cody became the fifth person thrown out of the Jumbo Jet and the fifth person eliminated from Total Drama World Tour II.


Cody (Antcampersonguy) voted for DJ

DJ (Torterrarulz) voted for Cody

Alejandro (Duncan9876543210) voted for Cody

Cameron (ImMatt1) voted for Cody

Trent (crasi4tunes) voted for Cody