There's lots Not to Love About New York
Season 5, Episode 5
OwenNew York!!
First Aired (CAN) November 18, 2011
First Aired (USA) November 18, 2011
Challenge Climb up the Statue of Liberty then race to the Empire State Building
Reward(s) Immunity/ First Class
Winner(s) Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot
Eliminated Heather
Episode Guide
"Rip the Jack? Or Jack The Ripper!"
""This is Anything But Fun!"
"Aftermath: The First Four""

Darcy singing in New York

This is episode 5 of Total Drama World Tour 2! The episode begins with Team Victory enjoying first class for the first time this season. The team is especially grateful to Alejandro, who was responsible for winning The Jack the Ripper Challenge in London for Team Victory. Some people from Team Amazon are then shown complaining about their new accomodations in losers class as it is their first time very being in loser class. Chris calls everyone to the cargo hold where they sit in a boat are are dropped down into New York Harbor. Chris says that the teams first have to climb up the statue of Liberty. After completing this they must go around to different checkpoints in New York City, which included places like Times Square and Central Park. The Teams begin the race and sing Whats Not To Love. Team Amazon arrives at the finish line first, but Chris notices that Heather is not with them, instead she is still in Central Park. Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot overjoyed to find out that they win first class for the first time in the season. Team Victory comes in second and Team Amazon must vote their first member out of the game. Heather receives three votes and must jump out of the plane. Then it is revealed that Heather and Harold voted for Izzy; Blaineley, Scott and Izzy voted for Heather; Katie voted for Scott. Heather becomes the first player eliminated from Team Amazon 2 the fourth player eliminated from Total Drama World Tour 2!
trent voted Izzy
Izzy voted Heather
Scott Voted Heather
Katie voted Scott
Harold voted Izzy
Blaineley voted Heather