TDWT Camp 2: The Mysterious Pyramid
Season 6, Episode 1
First Aired (CAN) November 1, 2011
First Aired (USA) November 1, 2011
Challenge Pyramid Over-Under
Reward(s) Immunity/ First Class
Winner(s) Team Amazon 2
Eliminated Reward
Episode Guide
"Beginning of Season 5!"
"I CAN help Falling In Love In Paris"

Winners of Challenge!

In the first episode of Total Drama World Tour 2, Chris showed the 18 contestants there new "Home", where they will eat, go when they win or lose and the elimination place. While everyone is relaxing on there first day a bell goes off and Chris told them that when that bell rings they must sing or they will be eliminated! They all sing then arrive at there next destination... EGYPT!! Chris then tells them there new teams. Harolds team "Team Amazon 2" Consites of Izzy, Katie, Heather, Scott and Blaineley. Geoffs team "Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot" Consites of Darcy, Duncan, Anne Maria, Tyler and Owen. Then lastly DJ's team "Team Victory" Consites of Cameron, Trent, Cody, Noah and Alejandro. There first challenge is to either go over the pyramid or under it, and if you go under there are three doors to choose from which could be long, short or REALLY long! Alejandro and Duncan went over while others like Heather, DJ, Izzy, Owen and Darcy went under and went in path 2. The winners of the challenge were... Team Amazon 2!! Then Chris says that two people from the remaining teams haven't come out yet. Then Cody from Team Victory comes out which leaves, Tyler a member of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot to go to elimination. While the team waited for the elimination Geoff and Duncan were saying they should vote out Anne Maria but she was listening in and was shocked. So she went over to Darcy to get help to vote out Tyler. Darcy agreed and went to Owen to tell him but was to late and the ceremony began. They all voted then came out to wait. Chris said he was going to show everyone who everyone voted for. Duncan voted Anne Maria, Anne Maria voted Tyler and so did Darcy then the rest of them voted Anne Maria. She was about to get the parachute but Chris told them that this wasn't an elimination ceremony and that they were safe another week!!!


Darcy Voted for Tyler
Anne Maria Voted For Tyler
Owen Voted For Tyler
Duncan Voted For Anne Maria
Geoff Voted For Anne Maria
Tyler Voted For Anne Maria