The Original Members of Team Mediterranean

Team Mediterranean was one of Three teams in Total Drama World Tour. They remained an "in the middle" team for a while before going on a losing streak! Heather switched from Team Mediterranean to Team Amazon near the beginning of the competition! Making them even weaker! Even though they have two of some of the strongest players....


The original members of Team Mediterranean were Heather, Ezekiel, Katie, Geoff, Noah, Eva, Tyler, and Duncan. Heather left their team for Team Amazon though....

Props to Duncan for being the last member on Team Mediterrranean that is still in the game! Though this might change in the Return Challenge!


1st Out: Katie

2nd Out: Ezekiel

3rd Out: Noah

4th Out: Tyler

5th Out: Geoff

6th Out: Eva

7th Out:Heather

8th Out:Duncan