Reamining Team Chris

Team Chris is really really really really hot

Team Captain:


First Apperence:

The Mysterious Pyramid

Last Apperence:


Highest and Lowest Ranking:


Lowest: Tyler 6th

Alliances (Known):

(Geoff, Duncan and Tyler) (Darcy, Anne Maria and Owen)

Team Chris is Really Really Really Really hot is one of the three teams in the new season of Total Drama World Tour II!! This team lost there first challenge and was sent to the elimination ceremony were anne was thought to go home but found out it wasnt a elimination ceremony and they were all safe until the next episode. This team can go either way this season as only 3 of their members ever made it to the merge in any season, the least out of any team! The first person to leave there team was Tyler and second was Anne Maria. The first challenge this team won was episode 5 in New York! There third person to leave was Owen. When they went to Australia they had gained a player, Justin, which lead to a tie for Justin and Duncan. Duncan ended up leaving leaving Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot at three people and team losing frequently.

Team MembersEdit

Team Captain: Geoff- wiixxxproducers

Darcy- sareyamuffinhead

Duncan- cfb10ufsc

Anne Maria- rockshockhero

Owen- sponges2by4

Tyler- explosion772

Justin- Trent1fan