TDI Camp 1 Challenge 1
Season 2, Episode 1
First Aired (CAN) January 16, 2010
First Aired (USA) January 16, 2010
Challenge Guess that chicken
Reward(s) Invincibility
Winner(s) Screaming Gophers
Eliminated Owen
Episode Guide
"TDA Camp 1 Challenge 15 (Season One)"
"TDI Camp 1 Challenge 2"
The Teams were created! They were the Screaming Gophers and the Killer Bass. The newly formed teams faced their first Challenge on Camp Wawanakwa! One person on each team was randomly assigned to be "The Chicken". Each person had to guess which person on THEIR team was the chicken. The person with the most correct guesses would win immunity. In the end the Screaming Gophers won and the Killer Bass were sent to their first elimination ceremony. However, behind the scenes, Heather faked to join an alliance with Harold just to prove to everyone that Harold had an alliance this season when he said he didn't! Some say that was very Jerk-ish on heather's part, while some say Harold deserved it for lying. At the elimination ceremony drama was created when Owen, the jolly heavy-set buddy, was sent home!


Actor Role
TDAfan4 Chris
TDAfan4 Chef Hatchet
partyboiice Geoff
Jennypoo15 Justin
Ahabsmom Izzy
ToonsAndWizardsUnite (formerly toontownbigcheese) Trent
Dramaglitz Courtney
Trentforeal Sadie
Persioncool Gwen
Marioluigi3129 Tyler
SailorShizuma Heather
JosephandGeoff Ezekiel
Personddue Harold
Footballplayer598 Katie
TDIfan99 Lindsay
Rathalosslayer2 Cody
Hortonshirleym Beth
Blanchboy99 Owen
DMC10L Noah
TDIfan313 LeShawna
TotalDramaReailtyTV7 Bridgette
Duncanxxcourtney Eva
BoaBoa246 Duncan