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Welcome to my Wikia! Take your time! Please fill out the polls below! Enjoy the Wikia. Me and the Competitors have put a lot of work into it! HAVE FUN XD

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What Team Are You Cheering for?

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This wiki is an open site for anyone who is any apart of my Total Drama Camps! Feel free to join...edit...ask questions?...etc!

Check out my Total Drama Hall of Fame


I've made some character's pages! But feel free to make your characters pages...edit them...write about what place you got...enemies...etc


I could use all of your help editing specific pages! Some pages that really need help are...

  • Screaming Gaffers
  • Killer Grips
  • Killer Bass
  • Screaming Gophers
  • Total Drama World Tour
  • Please find your character page and add your own stuff! (I made a page for all characters)

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