TDA Camp 1 Challenge 8
Season 1, Episode 8
First Aired (CAN) December 19, 2009
First Aired (USA) December 19, 2009
Challenge Total Drama Christmas
Reward(s) Invincibility, Pick who Returns
Winner(s) Bridgette
Eliminated Courtney
Episode Guide
"TDA Camp 1 Challenge 7"
"TDA Camp 1 Challenge 9"

After Lindsay was eliminated, we were down to EIGHT contestants. So, the teams were merged and the Screaming Grips were created. The Christmas challenge was no hard thing to do! All the contestants had to do was comment "Merry Christmas" on the video and look in some past videos for an annotation that said "Merry Christmas". The first person to do so would win invincibility. Bridgette is the first person who did it so she won the first solo invincibility in my Total Drama Camp HISTORY. However, surprisingly, this was a Special Reward Challenge. Where the winner choses who returns! Bridgette chose DJ because she beleived he was unfairly eliminated. In the first merged team elimination, Justin, Courtney, and Izzy were in the bottom three. Then Chris turned it over to the LOSERS who would decide who, out of these three would get eliminated. In the Aftermath Studio, all the losers voted and Justin was safe! It came down to Izzy and Courtney. In the end the losers felt Courtney deserved a taste of her own medecine and they voted her out!


Actor Role
TDAfan4 Chris

Chef Hatchet

Rathalosslayer2 DJ
marioluigi3128 Geoff
Jennypoo15 Justin
Ahabsmom Izzy
ToonsAndWizardsUnite (formerly toontownbigcheese) Trent
Dramaglitz Courtney
SailorShizuma Beth
TotalDramaReailtyTV7 Bridgette
BoaBoa246 Duncan