TDA Camp 1 Challenge 5
Season 1, Episode 5
First Aired (CAN) December 15, 2009
First Aired (USA) December 15, 2009
Challenge Heroes Vs. Villains
Reward(s) Invincibility
Winner(s) None
Eliminated Gwen
Episode Guide
"TDA Camp 1 Challenge 4"
"TDA Camp 1 Challenge 6"
Because of the double elimination it was time for a return! The person stepped out of the Lame-o-sine...some cheered...some weren't so happy! The person who returned was.........BETH!! She was given another chance at $1,000,000! The Genre was the superhero movie. The Gaffers were the Villains and the Grips were the heroes. The challenge was, if one hero attacked a villain and the villain attacked the same hero each team would get ONE POINT! However, mid-challenge TDAfan4 realized that no matter what the outcome, the score would be tied so, he called the challenge off and the contestants had a temporary merge for the elimination. When it came time...Gwen was eliminated by the work of a dreaded alliance.


Actor Role
TDAfan4 Chris
TDAfan4 Chef Hatchet
marioluigi3128 Geoff
Jennypoo15 Justin
Ahabsmom Izzy
ToonsAndWizardsUnite (formerly toontownbigcheese) Trent
Dramaglitz Courtney
Persioncool Gwen
xoxfredrocksxox Lindsay
SailorShizuma Beth
LUVGURL1908 LeShawna
TotalDramaReailtyTV7 Bridgette
BoaBoa246 Duncan