TDA Camp 1 Challenge 13
Season 1, Episode 13
First Aired (CAN) January 1, 2010
First Aired (USA) January 1, 2010
Challenge Space Case
Reward(s) Invincibility (ticket to the final 3)
Winner(s) Trent
Eliminated Justin
Episode Guide
"TDA Camp 1 Challenge 12"
"TDA Camp 1 Challenge 14"
After the first sudden-death elimination....our Characters got an even MORE stomach-churning experience!! A SPACE CHALLENGE!! They were hurdled into space in their own personal space pods! They had to chose planet 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5. One of them had the "SPACIOUS" invincibility prize! The first competitor to find it, would win invincibility and be guaranteed a pass into the Final Three. The competitors searched for it and they made their random guesses. Trent won immunity (again)....that dude just keeps on WINNING! Bridgette and Justin were in the bottom two. Three out of the final FOUR voted for one person.......That one person who got FOURTH place was....JUSTIN! Justin was eliminated after returning a few episodes ago.


Actor Role
TDAfan4 Chris
TDAfan4 Chef Hatchet
Jennypoo15 Justin
ToonsAndWizardsUnite (formerly toontownbigcheese) Trent
TotalDramaReailtyTV7 Bridgette
BoaBoa246 Duncan