TDA Camp 1 Challenge 11
Season 1, Episode 11
First Aired (CAN) December 30, 2009
First Aired (USA) December 30, 2009
Challenge Diagnose the disease I've contracted
Reward(s) Invincibility
Winner(s) Trent
Eliminated Geoff
Episode Guide
"TDA Camp 1 Challenge 10"
"TDA Camp 1 Challenge 12"
TDAfan4 had been feeling sick so he made the next challenge genre....THE HOSPITAL DRAMA! Chris listed off a name of symptoms he had and the contestants had to name the disease he had. The disease was Mortatistical Crumples Disease. Trent guessed the correct disease first, making him doctor of the day! Winning him invincibility! When they went to the Guilded Chris Ceremony FIVE out of the SIX voted for Geoff. Giving him a first class seat in the lame-o-sine.


Actor Role
TDAfan4 Chris
TDAfan4 Chef Hatchet
Rathalosslayer DJ
marioluigi3128 Geoff
Jennypoo15 Justin
ToonsAndWizardsUnite (formerly toontownbigcheese) Trent
TotalDramaReailtyTV7 Bridgette
BoaBoa246 Duncan