Sierra DUH


Team Amazon
Gender Female
Hair color Purple
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated TDWT: 18th

TDR: 11th

Friends LeShawna, Gwen, Cody, Sadie, Alejandro and Heather
Enemies Geoff, Lindsay, Harold, Beth, DJ and Duncan
Fear Not getting far in the game
Talent Not making friends
Sierra joined in Total Drama World Tour, making her one of Two characters to only play one season (so far). In TDWT she was played by firemoss1.

Total Drama World TourEdit

Sierra started Total Drama World Tour on Team Amazon. She was one of the few people to target Alejandro. Sierra was in when Team Amazon was at Three people, with Gwen and LeShawna. Gwen and Leshawna chose to eliminate Sierra from their team and then they gained power when two people came on

"OMG i love you guys"

to Team Amazon. Sierra fought through Total Drama World Tour to be the 9th person eliminated! She has not returned yet. However, she does seem to be one of the most active players as far as wanting to return. Consistently asking TDAfan4 if she is able to return later

Sierra Confessional

Total Drama ReunionEdit

Sierra did the challenges all the time but when it came to the finding a partner challenge Sadie asked Sierra to be partners Sierra said yes and Sadie betrayed Sierra which led to Sierras elimination Sierra was the 11th person eliminated.