Sadie in Confessional

Screaming Gophers
Team Amazon
Sadie not Katie
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Light Black
Place TDI: 27th
TDWT: 27th
TDR: 14th
Friends Alejandro, Heather, Bridgette, LeShawna, Cody and Eva
Enemies Sierra, Darcy and Beth
Fear Getting as fat asOwen
Talent Dancing!!

Sadie started in Season 2 because she did not compete in Season One. So far she is one of the few people to be played by a different character every season she competed in. She was played by Trentforeal in Season Two, and Bejamom in Season Three.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Sadie was played by " Trentforeal " in season 2 of TDAFan4s camps. She was the 2nd one eliminated by her teammates!! She really never made it that far and only participated in one challenge.

Total Drama World TourEdit

Sadie was played by "Bejamom" in season 3 of TDAFan4s camps. She was the very first perosn to be voted of and was on Team Amazon!! However, Sadie did make it to the second challenge in the Total Drama Comeback Return Challenge. Will she make it further in the Total Drama Comeback Return Challenge?? Nobody knows?


Sadie in confessional

Total Drama ReunionEdit

This is the only season that Sadie has actually done good in she had made it all the way to the final 10 and a suprise double eliminatin that sent home Courtney & Sadie.