Season 5, Episode 8
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First Aired (CAN) December 23, 2010
First Aired (USA) December 23, 2010
Challenge Collect your color egg and climb condor nest
Reward(s) Massage/ First class
Winner(s) Team Amazon
Eliminated e- scope
Episode Guide
"A Newf Source of Drama"
"Bingo Dingos"
All starts when DJ takes some cakes and Alejandro with his team talk.After that, Alejandro stand in confessional.Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot, counts the team members.Izzy stands in confessional.Chris and Chef down the plane.They arrive in the Easter Island.He picks the colors for the teams.Team Amazon 2 is purple, Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot is teal and Team Victory is blue.Chris explain the challenge.Scott takes an egg from Tyler, Alejandro takes an egg from Lindsay, DJ takes an egg, Izzy takes an egg from Lindsay. Duncan, Scott and Katie enter in the confessional. Alejandro says he finds all the eggs for his team, and Izzy is jealous. She urges her team. Team Amazon 2 wins the second challenge. Chris explains the third challenge and forcing the contestants to sing. Scott sings and falling because of condor. Cameron sings and fall because of condor. Darcy sings and it was close to win. Team Amazon 2 win and Team Victory is going to the elimination room. Chris says it isn't and elimination and gives Team Amazon 2 a reward of massages.