TDR Camp 1: Public Frenemies
Season 4, Episode 6
First Aired (CAN) July 24, 2010
First Aired (USA) July 24, 2010
Challenge See if you're selfISH or selfLESS
Reward(s) Immunity for your team OR hidden immunity
Winner(s) Heroes and Izzy
Eliminated Ezekiel
Episode Guide
"Total Drama Super Kung-Fu Karate Design Day!"
"So You Think You Can Sing?"

Chris is on a rope all episode

This episode starts with Izzy and Geoff in the confessional talking about and mocking Cody's elimination. Then Sadie states that everyone wronly assumes her to be an underdog because of her character. The genre is revealed to be...The Gangster Caper Flick! There was a new type of challenge called OPTIONAL challenges. Its where you can chose to compete for Reward or Team Immunity! The Reward would be a hidden immunity. Izzy was the ONLY one who chose to compete for single reward immunity. So she automatically recieved a hidden immunity. The challenge for the teams was to find their Kindnapped team captains. They had their choice of EVERY set on the film lot but they could only go to one. Several people went to the horror movie set, Owen made it their first. He said he knew he had to do something to help his team so he hid behind a rock and scared everyone away from the set so he would be the only one looking there. However, at the Alien set, Geoff had just found Trent and secured victory for the Heroes! The Villains had to send someone home that night. Justin said in the Confessional that he hoped his team appreciated him appreciated him at least TRYING to win immunity for all of them, clearly they did not, Justin was in the bottom two with Ezekiel BUT Ezekiel was sent home. Vowing for revenge later.


Actor Role
TDAfan4 Chris
TDAfan4 Chef Hatchet
Torterrarulz DJ
Wiixxxproducers Geoff
Jennypoo15 Justin
Crasi4tunes Trent
Dramaglitz Courtney
iColt12 Sadie
TwistedXNuclear Gwen
SailorShizuma Heather
g1awsome Ezekiel
Yelloweleph Lindsay
firemoss1 Sierra
Sponges2by4 Owen
TotalDrama0101 Noah
TDIfan313 LeShawna
TotalDramaReailtyTV7 Bridgette
Duncan9876543210 Alejandro
Toonsandwizardsunite Duncan