Planes, Trains, and Water-Mobiles (TDR Special)
Season 4, Episode 26
First Aired (CAN) October 31, 2010
First Aired (USA) october 31, 2010
Challenge Race from L.A to New York on either a Plane, Boat or Train
Reward(s) A spot in season 5
Winner(s) 18 Lucky winners like former "Final 3" heather, leshawna and courtney
Episode Guide
"End of season 4!"

Chris is on the plane with all the competitors and 5 new players. Everyone thinks there all going to be in season 5....but there wrong! [[Chris tells the contestants that they will hav to do a huge race all the way from Los Angeles, Califorina all the way to New york, New York! He also tells them there only transportations are a Plane, Boat or Train! They all run to the transportaiton devices and get going! Harold and Blaineley get on a plane also Harold and Beth, Rivals from season 2 are forced to sing on the plane. Also Darcy gets on a boat! LeShawna, DJ and Others get on a train in a hurry to get there! After several hours of deporting, delays and miss flights it comes down to the winners!! The 17 lucky contestants are Noah, Cody, Geoff, Heather, Scott, Alejandro, Darcy, Duncan, Izzy, Owen, Trent,Katie, Tyler, Blaineley, DJ, Cameron,and Anne Maria. Then Chris says another lucky contestant has a chance at winning which was..........Harold!!! Now the 18 conestants would have to survive and compete on there new destination......The Jumbo Jet from season 3!!!thumb|300px|left|Total Drama Reunion Special