In season 4, Katie brought out her Inner antagonist.

Screaming Gophers
Team Mediterranean
Team Amazon 2
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Place TDI: 18th
TDI: 4th
TDWT: 25th
Friends Darcy
Enemies Harold, LeShawna, Most people on TDR
Fear Having enemies, Being voted off early, Candy
Talent Making a lot of close friends

Katie did not participate in Total Drama Action, so her character Joined in Total Drama Island. She was played by Footballplayer598....the same for Total Drama World Tour.

Total Drama ActionEdit

In the first season she was eliminated near the begininng. She didn't make it to far but made a few friends and enemies along the way. She didn't win a single challenge and just walked by on the elimination ceremonys.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Katie was played by "Footballplayer598". Katie was the 11th eliminated then had returned with Ezikiel. Katie had made it all the way to the final 4 then was voted off. She actually had no friends because she was rarely one except to do the challenges

Total Drama World TourEdit

In TDWT Katie was put on team Medeterranean with her teammates Duncan, Noah, Heather, Eva, Geoff, Ezikiel, and Tyler. Katie was played by "Footballplay

Katie in Confession

er598". She was the 3rd voted off because of her teammates. She had made no alliences and friends on TDWT!! :

Total Drama ReunionEdit

Katie was played by TORIMARIE88 for the first time!!Katie was in TDR for a little mount of time then got the boot. She made good friends with Darcy but became bad enemies with Harold

Total Drama World Tour 2 Edit

Katie made it to tdwt2. Shee was placed on team amazon or the winning team so far her team has lost once. She might even win this time!!! She was still in the game when the camp was cancelled.