My Total Drama Camp "Hall Of Fame" is a place where outstanding people are recognized! Some for good things and some for....not-so-good things! Look below at the Hall of Fame and the Fall of Fame!

My Total Drama Camp Hall of Fame

Duncan(boaboa246)- Duncan won my Total Drama Action, season one, camp! When he tied with Bridgette, he recieved the most votes for the win!

Bridgette(TotalDramaRealitytv7)- Bridgette, so far, has competed the most days out of any competitor EVER!! Receiving the highest placement score placing second and seventh. Also, tieing for winner with LeShawna in Total Drama World Tour

LeShawna(TDIfan313)- LeShawna got second place in Season 2 and Tied for winer in Season 3

Lindsay(Tdifan99)- Lindsay won my Season 2 Total Drama Island camp. She won because of her lightning fast responding!

Harold(Personddue)-Harold has been in the bottom two and survived the most out of anyone in all three seasons!

My Total Drama Camp Fall of Fame

DJ(rathalosslayer2)- DJ got eliminated in Total Drama Aciton first because no one wanted him on their team!

'Owen(totaldramaactionfan'n)- Owen, despite being his Team's captain was eliminated right after he chose His team. They voted him off!

Sadie(bejamom/trentforeal)- Sadie was eliminated second in Total Drama Island, and First in Total Drama World Tour.

Owen(blanchboy99)- Owen was eliminated first in Total Drama Island for unknown reasons.