Gwen on computer

Killer bass
Killer grips
Team Amazon
mutant maggts
Gender Female
Hair color Black and Midnight Blue
Eye color Black
Place TDA:10th
TDR: 6th
Friends Duncan, DJ, Harold, Izzy, Heather,bridgtte, LeShawna and Lindsay
Enemies Darcy, Courtney, Owen and Justin
Fear Getting voted out by Darcy
Talent Staying low
Gwen has been played by Persioncool in all three seasons. In the first two seasons, both of her eliminations were unexpected blind-sides for most people. She has yet to be eliminated from Total Drama World Tour.

Total Drama ActionEdit

She was a strong player in the Action camp. Still, the alliance of Courtney did stop her. She got voted off in the last 13 (I thought). Her biggest enemy there was Courtney. She also had an alliance, but that's secret. :P Greetings from the one who plays Gwen in all the camps of TDAFan4.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Her strong battle started in the Island camp. She was very good, but not good enough to win. She came to the last 7, and then lost. Still, she had a nice time. That is why she joined Action. She didn't have really enemies in this camp. Also not a alliance.

Total Drama World TourEdit

This time she´s back and more motivated than ever! Her beginning is well, but she is at the baddest team, team Amazon. She can really have fun with Geoff, Bridgette and LeShawna. But are they gonna be her enemies later? Who knows!

Total Drama ReunionEdit

This season Gwen was put on the Villains and became there team captain! she did good throught the game and did REALLY good on the design challenges, But ever since Darcy came to camp Gwen didn't really trust this "new" girl. First Darcy got rid of her good freind Heather so her and Duncan made an alliance to get rid of Darcy. To bad shortly after she had gotten eliminated by Darcy and her alliance. Her last words were "I hate Darcy!! get rid of her Duncan! Then when the return challenge came around TDAFan4 (Chris) choose to bring her back. Gwen was eliminated in a sudden death elimination challenge in Episode 21, Film-Lot-ward bound.

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