My TDR Camp 1: Gwe-lla Enchanted
Season 4, Episode 20
First Aired (CAN) Sept. 18, 2010
First Aired (USA) Sept. 18, 2010
Challenge Get past the troll on the bridge, Destroy the dragon and fight the princess.
Reward(s) Immunity
Winner(s) Duncan and Gwen
Eliminated Trent
Episode Guide
"2 Immunities for Espionage"
""Film-Lot-Ward Bound""
Final 7

Final Seven

In this episode it is the final 7 and there fighting it out to save the princess in the next challenge "The Fairy Tale" Genre. There first challenge is to make it across the bridge and past the troll! Everyone got by except for DJ. There next challenge was to fight a Dragon and destroy it to get to Gwen. Duncan came on top and had destroyed the dragon and got to the top of the castle where him and Gwen and to fight it out for immunity. Gwen ended up winning which gave her immunity for tonight and another day to compete. At the ceremony everyone is deciding who should go while some cant make up there mind. It came down to the final two between Harold and Trent. The loser ended up being Trent and took the Lame-o-Zine to the other losers

thumb|left|300px|Trents Goodbye Tribute