Killer Bass
Team Mediterranean
EVA Mole
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated "Welcome To Total Drama Reunion."
Place TDI: 16/17th
TDWT: 12th
TDR: 28th
Friends Lindsay(Season 3)
Enemies Harold
Fear Snakes
Talent Strength
Voice actor MADDMC10l (season 3 and season 4)

Just Eva:P


Eva did not participate in Total Drama Action, so she joined in Total Drama Island, played by Duncanxxcourtney. When Season Three started, she was played by MADDMC10L.

Total Drama ActionEdit

Wasn't in this season and never did good from it!!

Total Drama IslandEdit

Eva didnt make it to far. She was eliminated in the eleventh challenge with Cody!!

EVA Mole

Eva mole

Total Drama World TourEdit

In this season eva is played by MADDMC10l. Eva was on team Team Mediterranean, doing the occasional vote for Team Mediterranean. Keeping somewhat quiet. Then, around the time when Heather quit Team Medeterranean Eva started becoming much more productive in this camp! Every oppourtunity Eva has had he had cast his vote for Harold. Eva was part of the unofficial "Get rid of Harold" group! Eva did very well in the Chariot challenge placing 4th out of 5....moving on to the next round! When Lindsay was eliminated he swore revenge to get Harold eliminated from the

competition! When it came time for the vote in Moscow, Russia 6 people voted for Harold and 5 voted for Eva! However, Harold had played his hidden immunity! Sending Eva down the drop of shame trying to tell everyone to vote off Harold!

Eva in confessional

His number 1 enemy is harold. (MADDMC10l) eva in total drama world tour was just recently voted off by Justin, Harold, Courtney, and DJ!!! I would have been save if harold didnt use his stupid hidden immunity!!!

Eva and Lindsay made alliance before the merge that was the reason eva wanted to vote out harold since he was part of the reason lindsay got voted off. Before he was voted out leshawna formed alliance with him also with heather,owen and gwen but in the end eva was the first one out of there alliance to get voted off

Total Drama ReunionEdit

Eva did not say a single word this season, resulting in her getting eliminated first along with Beth in "Welcome To Total Drama Reunion."