Cody and noah

Cody and Noah in aftermath

Screaming Gophers
Team Amazon
Team Victory
Cody time
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Place TDI: 16/17th
TDWT: 26th
TDR: 22th
TDWT 2: 14th
Relationship Gwen (Maybe)
Friends Harold, Katie ,Courtney,Gwen,Beth,Tyler,Owen,Cameron,and some others
Enemies Not many enemies (some people just dislike him)
Fear Failing
Talent Unknown
Nicknames "Rody" (Called so by Owen)
Voice actor AnTcAmPeRsOnGUY (Current Season)

Cody joined in Season Two, because he wasn't in Season one! He was played by Rathalosslayer2. Rathalosslayer2 also played Cody in Total Drama World Tour. However, he was eliminated early....The next season Cody,(Now played as AnTcAmPeRsOnGUY),was also eliminated early. He was Eliminated 5th. But in Season 5,Total Drama World Tour,Cody got off to a fresh start and is hoping to make it far.

Total Drama IslandEdit

In TDI Cody was not the most active person. Though he did all of his challenges, he was trying the Lay-low strategy! However, When it came time for the team captains to pick who they wanted eliminated, Bridgette sent Cody packing! Rathalosslayer kept the role of Cody for Total Drama World Tour

Total Drama World TourEdit

In TDWT Cody was eliminated second because he had lost the challenge and it was between him and Alejandro!!! Hopefully he gets far next season!!!! He did not make it past the first round in the Return Challenge


Cody in confessional

Total Drama ReunionEdit


"Yo Yo Yo!Cody in da house!"

Cody didn't make it to far this season and was played by "AnTcAmPeRsOnGUY". He would of got 23rd but Harold had quit for him because he wanted Cody to stay in the game. But right after that ceremony and onto the next challenge his team lost and voted him out which gave him 22nd place.

Total Drama World TourEdit

In the 2nd TDWT Season overall in TDAfan4's camps.AnTcAmPeRsOnGUY is Cody AGAIN,hoping to make it far this season.