Bridgette Camp

Bridgette in camp challenge

Killer Grips
Screaming Gophers
Team Madagascar
Bridgette fishy
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Light Green
Place TDA: 2nd
TDI: 7th
TDWT: 1st(co-winner)
TDR: 14th
Friends Heather, Courtney, The members of Team Madagascar
Enemies Darcy
Fear Being hated
Talent Playing the game well!

"um er uhhh I have a boyfriend"

Bridgette Has been played by the same user (totaldramarealitytv7) for ALL FOUR seasons! She has been confirmed this point....have competed the most days out of any present competitor.

Total Drama ActionEdit

In Season One Bridgette started out on the strong team, the Killer Grips. She made it all the way to the end where she seemed to some people to be a favorite to win but lost to Duncan.Here first alliance was with beth and courtney and her second was with justin and trent also her second alliance last longer then her first

Total Drama Island Edit

This season bridgette was determined to win the title after coming so close last season,with he fast responds and like ability she made it all the way to the merge and at one point was the team captin of the screaming goffers, but due to lack of power in her allience compared to the others she was eliminated shortly after.

Total Drama World TourEdit

Bridgette started out Total Drama World Tour the same way she has started out other seasons! She became close friends with the rest of her team! Thus becoming a part of . She has been shown to win every drawing challenge that has taken place! She is a fierce competitor! After the merge she stuck with her dominating alliance! Then it started to fall apart. However, she despite many of the eliminated contestants hatred of the people in the madagascar alliance....she has become a very popular person amoung them! When it came down to Her, Courtney, and LeShawna in the final three....the losers voted! However, she only received ONE vote out of the sixteen that were placed! Showing her popularity amoung the losers! She made it to the final two as fate gave Her and LeShawna a chance at redemption! Her and LeShawna ended up winning the prize money.


Bridgette in confessional

Total Drama ReunionEdit

In Total Drama Reunion Bridgette was ready for another fresh start for the milloin. She had chosen to be on the Villains team and thought she would get by easy. She had done really well but didnt make an alliance till Darcy came. She didn't really trust Darcy so always voted against her in every episode she was in till finally she agreed with Duncan and two of Darcy's alliance members Lindsay and DJ. Right after that it was just her and the Anti-Darcy Alliance which got her voted out. Now she has some more enemies to add to her list.