Blaineley entered in season 4 during the race to find out who would be in season 5. Blaineley made it in to season 5 along with 17 other people. Blaineley is played by Bigbro263 in season 5.

Team Amazon 2
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Blue
Episode Eliminated TBA
Place TBA
Relationship None
Friends Cameron, Anne Maria, Darcy, Scott, Harold, Izzy, Trent, katie
Enemies Geoff
Fear Leeches
Voice actor Bigbro263

Total Drama ReunionEdit

In plane trains and water-mobiles blaineley took the train to Boise, Idaho which took 1 hour she took it along with Cameron. Once she got to Idaho she took a 1 hour flight to Nebraska. She then took a train ride to alabama for 2 hours and then road a train to NY for 30 minutes which got her into total drama world tour.

Total Drama World Tour 2Edit

Blaineley was picked by Harold and placed on team amazon after getting their first win in The Mysterious Pyramid in Egypt. In I CAN help Falling In Love In Paris Blaineley wasnt seen at all but her team won which landed her a spot in first class again. In the Amazing Amazon Blaineley whent left with Harold and Scott they would end up taking the path that took them to Machu Pichu but would go back to get katie, heather, and izzy who got captured by the zing zings. Blaineley carried katie back to machu pichu. Team Amazon 2 got to machu pichu first scoring them a seat in first class... AGAIN. During Episode 4 Blaineley made it very far in the Jack the Ripper challenge. She made it to the final 5 in the challenge and participated in the musical number. Her team ultimately placed second in the challenge, meaning blaineley would have to be in loser class, yet she would not have to go to elimination with her team. in episode 5 blaineley is seen in the confessionals in the begining and in the song. she made it first with the rest of her team but heather was not there which costed them the lost and why she voted for heather along with scott and izzy. Blaineley isnt seen much in episode 6 except when she is sitting in ecomny class in the begining.