Bingo Dingos
Season 5, Episode 9
First Aired (CAN) December 28
First Aired (USA) December 28
Challenge An Emu Race To Hanging Rock
Return(ed) Justin
Winner(s) Team Amazon
Eliminated [[]] and cody
Episode Guide
"ihate you"
The episode begins with Izzy in first class getting a massage and thanking Scott for winning the challenge. Scott is in the confessional happy about winning the challenge. Chris then calls everybody to the common area. Duncan is in the confessional sayin it's weird that Chris called them to the common area. Chris tells everybody to welcome a new member to Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot Justin. Justin is in the confessional saying He's in the game. Justin and Darcy talk and Justin ends up kissing her, he also threatens her that if she votes him out he'll tell Geoff about the kiss. Next it shows Justin in confessional saying his plans are working perfectly. The plane lands in Austraila. Chris tells them the challenge. The contestants start trying To get on the emus. People get mad because they can't catch them. Darcy tells Duncan to take charge. And then he finally gets on it. Chris and cheff talk wondering when they're going to get there. Finally It is between Duncan and Scott. Duncan gets kicked in the head by a kangeroo letting Team Amazon 2 win. Duncan says atleast we got second. But then Chris says they are carrying to many people so it's double elimination. Darcy asks Geoff who's he going to vote out and he says Justin. Darcy tells Justin that Duncan and Geoff are voting them out and Justin Is sad saying he just got there. Darcy says they have to vote out Duncan. First up was Team Victory. The barfbags went to Alejandro, and Cameron. The final one went to Trent. Meaning DJ was out. Next was Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. It was a tie between Duncan and Justin. So Team Amazon 2 got to vote someone off. Izzy voted Justin. Scott voted Duncan. Katie voted Duncan. [[Harold vote Duncan. Blaineley voted Duncan. Which meant Duncan was out. Trent thought Chris had forgot about the song but the episode ended with them singing "I Hope You Had the Time of Your Life"


DJ voted for Trent Geoff voted for Justin Izzy voted for Justin

Trent voted for DJ Duncan voted for Justin Scott voted for Duncan

Alejandro voted for DJ Darcy vote for Duncan Katie voted for Duncan

Cameron voted for DJ Justin voted for Duncan Harold voted for Duncan

Blaineley voted for Duncan