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Oh, Beth :P

Killer Grips
Killer Grips
Team Madagascar
Beth Crying like always
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated Welcome To Total Drama Reunion
Fun in the Sun is too Glum!
Place TDA: 16th/7th
TDI: 20th
TDWT: 18th
TDR: 26th/12th
Friends Gwen, Trent, Darcy, , Owen, DJ, anne maria,blainely,tyler,cameron justin and lindsay
Enemies Some people, most are resolved cody and harold mainly
Talent being awesome
Beth is one of the few people who has been played by a different person in each season. In TDA Beth was played by Sailorshizuma who switched over to the character of Heather for the second season. And in the third season of TDWT Beth is played by "sodapopcake". Beth, in the second and third season, was voted off for not doing challenges fast enough!! In the FOURTH season She is played by HDNY2, where he got eliminated for having a big mouth. Harold has had something to do with THREE out of her FOUR eliminations.

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Total Drama ActionEdit

In "Total Drama Action" Beth was the third person to be eliminated! She was also put on the "Killer Grips". But then came back after Heather and Harold were both voted off because Harold had lost the challenge and Heather quit because she was having "Computer Problems". Then Beth had made it almost to the end but got booted of coming in 12th place. Her friends on the island were Lindsay and Izzy.
Beth annoying

Beth annoying everyone!!

Total Drama IslandEdit

In tdi Beth was played by "Hortonshirleym". Beth was freinds with Lindsay on the island then had been the 6th to be voted off because she hadn't gone on for three weeks!!! So TDAFan4 and the contestants had to get rid of her!!

Total Drama World TourEdit

In Total Drama World Tour Beth is played by "sodapopcake". She was also put on Team Madagascar then was eliminated before the merge had happened. Lindsay says they are best friends along with Izzy. When Harold eliminated Izzy, Lindsay took the offensive and tried to vote him out! Beth did not act upon this....However, her ultimate demise came when she made her team lose the challenge because she did not do the challenge in time!

Total Drama ReunionEdit

Beth was one of the first people voted out this season of Total Drama Reunion. She was voted out because everyone hated her because she was always talking crap and never knows when to shut up. The friends she had made were Izzy and Harold the power couple. In the return challenge Izzy voted to bring back Beth but found it was a mistake. Beth had never said thank you to Izzy which made her angry. In the partner episode she gave Beth her immunity which kept her safe till the next episode where she was voted out for being that annoying. She had got 26th/12th place!
Beat up Beth

Some one finally beat her up!