Ann Maria
Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot
Anne Maria Full Body
Gender Female
Hair color Blue
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated Rip the Jack? Or Jack The Ripper!
Place TDWT II: 16th
Relationship Ezekiel
Friends Cameron, Darcy and Owen
Enemies None yet
Fear Not making the merge
Talent Making good friends
Nicknames Anna, Annie(called so by Lindsay)
Voice actor Rockshockhero
Ann Maria is one of the 18 people to make it to Season 5. This is the first season she has been in and hopefully she will be able to make it far! Shee is played by rockshockhero

Total Drama World Tour 2Edit

In Planes, Trains, and Water-mobiles,Anne Maria was one of the 5 new characters to compete for a spot in Season 5! She started out not to well going to the great salt lake first. But she started to puzzle things togther and teamed up with cameron and was able to be one of the first 18 to make it. The route she took was Train to Great salt lake Flew back to los angles Train to texas train to nebrska train to alabama then finally a train to new york. In the first episode she was put on "Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. They had lost there challenge so Geoff and Duncan were talking about getting rid of Anne Maria but she over heard and told Darcy so that she could help her. At the ceremoney she had the most votes but Chris told her she was safe another episode!! In Episode 2 Anne Maria knew should would be going home next if her team lost so she try extremly hard, now lets see if her work paid off. In the fourth episode in London Anne Maria is the second person from her team to get ripped and they lost. At the elimination ceremony Geoff and Duncan voted out Anne Maria which was really sad for Darcy and Owen.

About The User Behind:Anne MariaEdit

Anne Maria is played by rockshockhero and he is a huge fan of these camps. He really just wants to play the game and fun and hes not really to worried about winning he just wants to make it as far a possible and show everyone that he is a strong player. His goal this season is to make it to the final 5 If hes able to do that he will be very proud but any where to the merge will also make him proud.