Lindsay, this seasons aftermath host

The episode begins with a few infamous scenes from Total Drama World Tour that showcase Tyler and Noah. Lindsay was chosen by the producers to be the Aftermath host this season. She was the only contestant who didnt qualify for the season that was actually present at the studio, the rest of the contestants were still stuck in random places around the United States from the first challenge. Lindsay introduces Noah, the first eliminated contestant this season. Lindsay asks Noah a few questions. Noah reveals that he thinks his team didnt see him as valuable. He also reveals his disdain for Cody, calling him annoying and useless. Lindsay plays a clip on the large screen that showcased Noah's most memorable event this season, his kiss with Izzy. Lindsay next introduces Anne Maria to the studio. Anne Maria reveals that she wished she could have made it farther in the game, and that she had no hard feelings against Duncan even though he was the one who caused her elimination. Anne Maria'sfan appears live on the big screen and asks her why she thinks she was the one voted out. Anne Maria says that she talked to Duncan about voting out Owen, which caused Duncan to lose his trust for her, which was her ultimate mistake in the game. Lindsay next calls Tyler out to the stage. Tyler swings out on a rope and falls, causing him to be injured. Lindsay tries to ask him a question, but he is unable to respond and is wheeled off the stage in a wheelchair. Lindsay introduces the final guest of the evening, Heather. Heather says that she knew she would be the one that was voted off, she says that her team had no other choice. Another fan is broadcasted onto the big screen and asks Heather why she thinks that Katie voted for Scott instead of voting for Izzy or Heather which is what the rest of the team did. Heather responds that she does not know what is going on in Katie'smind so she can't really answer that question, and she thinks that if things were to have gone differently then Izzy would have been the one eliminated. Heather says that she knew she was not going to make it far in the season even if she had survived that first elimination.

This was the first episode of Total Drama World Tour II to not feature a contestant-sung song. However, a song named Paparazzi by Lady Gaga was played in the backgroud while some contestants were answering questions.