3:10 To The Final 4
Season 4, Episode 22
Final 5 challenge
First Aired (CAN) September 25, 2010
First Aired (USA) September 25, 2010
Challenge Battle it out till the last one is standing, while singing
Reward(s) Immunity
Winner(s) Alejandro
Eliminated Duncan
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"Film-Lot-Ward Bound"
"Crouching Harold, Hidden Al"
Final 5

The Final 5!!!

Its the final 5, and for the first time ever to happen in a Total Drama Camp, it is all one gender, the guys!! It starts out with Harold saying it's sooo hot out and that all of them are so tired. Everyone is trying to keep cool when Chris comes and tells them there going to be having a "Western Flick" and to be at the Western Lot at noon. Next it shows DJ in confessional talking about how he misses Gwen. Chris tells them they have to saddle up onto a horse and get ready for the challenge. He tells them that they have to race and whoever wins gets an advantage, but then he says there souldn't be any advantages this far in the game, so he decides they are going to have a "Bar Brawl" instead. Alejandro is in the confessional thinking the challenge was going to be about them getting drunk. Geoff says he's excited to fight and nothing could pass his left hook. Then it shows Chris again and tells them they have to sing while they battle it out in this challenge which makes the competitors really mad and annoyed. Geoff, Harold, Duncan, and DJ all decide to try to make Alejandro lose first so they can vote him off. While they fight they sing "I Can Walk On Water". DJ is the first one out by Duncan, then Duncan gets hit out by Geoff. Its down to Geoff, Harold and Alejandro (The only one who's not in the Anti-Darcy Alliance). Harold tells Geoff they have to get out Alejandro by both attacking him at once! But Alejandro knocks out Geoff leaving only Harold and him left. Now that its down to the two of them Chris tells them they have to sing a solo and whoever does the best wins Immunity!! Harold goes first with "Eye of the Tiger" and does a good job, then Alejandro sings "I Can Win This Game" which blew Harold's song right out of the water, and wins Alejandro immunity that forces the ADA to vote out one of their own! Next it shows Duncan in confessional talking about how the ADA is breaking up, then Harold talking about how he is a huge target for winning alot of challenges. Next, we are at the Guilded Chris Ceremony where everyone votes, and comes down to the final two Harold and Duncan. The last Guilded Chris went to.......Harold! Next it shows who everyone vote for, first Geoff voted Duncan, Harold voted Duncan, DJ voted Duncan, and Alejandro and Duncan voted for Harold. Duncan was really surprised when he got eliminated. With the ADA finally losing some members since Bridgette, will Alejandro be able to keep on winning immunity to save himself from the boot, or will Evil prevail?
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Alejandro Singing his SONG

thumb|300px|right|Goodbye Duncan Tribute