2 Immunities for Espionage
Season 4, Episode 19
Harold Challenge
First Aired (CAN) September 11, 2010
First Aired (USA) September 11, 2010
Challenge Eiether design your character as a spy or

Escape a building before it blows up and then defuse a time bomb.

Reward(s) Immunity
Winner(s) Geoff and Harold
Eliminated LeShawna
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"The Planet of No Return "
"Gwe-lla Enchanted"
The Final 8 compete i
Final 8

The Final Eight

n the spy movie, where anything and everything can happen. The spy movie's optional challenges include explosive stink bombs, laser security, designing black outfits, and escaping an exploding building all while Chris is laughing at the competitors' struggle to survive. Harold took the design challenge with his espionage tribute to winning TDR, and Geoff managed to diffuse his stinkbomb and escape before LeShawna blew the place up. LeShawna fears that she could be next since she is a previous winner and a serious threat. The Heroes' Alliance, Geoff, Trent, and Alejandro try their best to start eliminating the Anti-Darcy Alliance(ADA) but in the end, Duncan is saved. How? Geoff betrayed the alliance by using his hatred of LeShawna as an excuse to vote her off with the ADA! It seems that the ADA is somewhat invincible, but with the season speeding towards its conclusion, things might go south for the ADA.

thumb|left|300px|LeShanwa's Goodbye Tribute